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Abusing Nadia – 3

She slid the head of the dildo into the entrance of her wet hole and pushed slowly, moaning as it slid deep into her. As she eased her panty crotch back into place she felt so very full. She stood cautiously and walked back to the sinks, unnaturally, with a stiff gait. Determined to keep the toy inside her for her boss, she walked up and down along the bank of sinks. When she felt more comfortable, with the long thick dildo held inside her, she stood looking at the entrance and after counting to ten and taking deep breaths, she moved to the door. The office was light and open compared to the claustrophobic feel of the bathroom. The ceilings were high and the natural light poured in through the windows on this crisp autumn day. 

Nadia headed back to her desk, staring at Alex as she did. He was staring intently at his monitor and tapping slowly and deliberately at his keyboard. She felt paranoid. Was everyone watching her? No, of course they weren’t. Did they know that she had just been fucked like a worthless whore in the bathroom? No, she didn’t think so. Did they know she had a.....No! Of course not!

The rest of the morning passed by fairly uneventfully. Cara from accounts emerged from the bathroom all excited, explaining the damage done to the door. Jim from Real Estate Services came into the office and took the cubicle door off, explaining to the women in the office, perhaps unnecessarily, that the cubicle was now out of order. Nadia glanced across at Alex who was looking straight at her. She blushed and smiled at him, lowering her eyes. He smiled back and waited until she looked up at him again, before averting his gaze back to his screen. 

Before lunch Nadia did something she would never have dreamed of doing when she awoke this morning. The toy inside her had been making her wiggle and grind on her seat all morning and she was feeling incredibly horny. She headed over to Alex’s desk and with her back to the office, lifted the front of her skirt, pulled her panties aside and showed him the base of the dildo buried in her cunt, before letting her skirt fall. Alex looked from her panty covered crotch to her eyes.

"Are you enjoying your present?" he inquired.

"Yes, very much. Thank you Sir."

"Sir?" he asked.

"Oh, I’m sorry I don’t know where that came..."

"No! Sir is good." He interrupted her with a smile. He thought for a moment. "From now on you will call me sir, unless there are other colleagues around, in which case, Master will suffice." The look of shock on her face made him laugh out loud. "I’m joking, doofus! In work, Alex is fine. Master is for when we are not at work. Master, or Sir." This time he was not smiling. She simply nodded and responded.

"Yes sir." She smiled shyly. He reminded her of their meeting in the car park after work and she answered again with the required response. 

"Show me again." She looked around the office to see if anyone’s heads were turned their way. The office had thinned out, people had left for lunch and it was quiet. Slowly, she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties aside. He reached out and she stood stock still awaiting his touch. He touched the base of the dildo that reached up inside her and gently pushed it up. She gasped and instinctively reached out to his shoulder. His wicked smile hinted at his delight and as he let go of the rubber cock he dismissed her with a flick of his head and the words "Five thirty."

Nadia couldn’t think straight for the rest of the day. This was hardly surprising considering she had a rather large dildo stuffed up inside her pussy which was streaming constantly and her boss, Sir, who had quite literally raped her in the bathroom that morning, was sitting a few yards away. Frequent trips to the bathroom (one of the two cubicles with a door) to try and hide the copious amount of liquid gushing from her pussy didn’t help either. She invariably started masturbating, sliding the toy in and out and rubbing the shaft along her swollen clit. She had never seen her clit so angry, so red, never felt it throb so much, never before felt this need inside her. Although she thought that she had cum another seven or eight times that afternoon, in truth she had lost count and fortunately for her, she didn’t have to deal with any difficult calls or meetings. Her brain was fried and all she could do was wait until five thirty.

As the end of the working day approached Nadia became more and more anxious. She shut down her computer and tidied her desk, her hands noticeably shaking. She walked to the coat stand to retrieve her light jacket, glancing at Alex who ignored her steadfastly. She paused, staring at him but he didn’t seem to notice her. Alex smiled as she turned and walked towards the elevator. As soon as the door to the outer corridor closed behind her, he shut down his computer, went to the vending machine and grabbed a coffee. Sitting at his desk leafing through some men’s health magazine, he wondered how long he should keep her waiting. 

After an hour had passed, he grabbed his coat and headed to the car park. She was there. Waiting. She broke out into the broadest smile when she saw him and he walked towards her and past her.

"Follow," he instructed. She fell into step behind him, following him into the covered area of the car park. He stopped by the trunk of a car. She knew it was a Mercedes but didn’t know which type. It had two doors, was cream coloured and was slung low over the tarmac. He opened the trunk and reached inside a long leather holdall. He pulled out two leather cuffs, each one about three inches wide, held together in the middle by a chrome chain with three links. 

Each cuff was designed to close around the wrist and be locked using a typical belt fastening which the wearer could not reach. He turned to her and held them up, looking into her eyes. She stared at him. Their eyes locked. He knew she would submit. She knew he knew this and with a gasp of relief, of having the burden of choice removed, she lifted her wrists to him, fists closed, knuckles facing each other, the insides of her wrists about an inch apart. "Turn around," he ordered. She did so without hesitation and he leaned forward to kiss her neck, just under her left earlobe as she moved her hands behind her back. As he kissed and sucked on her neck, as her pussy spasmed and throbbed, he slipped the cuffs onto her wrists and fastened them tightly. He moved around her wordlessly and opened the passenger side door. He looked at her as held the top of the door and she climbed in carefully. It was difficult with no hands but she felt this was a task he wanted her to complete without any help. Funny how the simple things become a task when your hands are cuffed behind your back she thought. 

Instead of closing the door Alex went back to the trunk and pulled out another implement. He moved to the open passenger door and knelt down, his face level with hers. Placing his kit on the floor he grabbed the sides of her skirt. "Lift your ass." Nadia responded immediately and he pulled her skirt up around her waist until he was satisfied and she sat down again. He grabbed the implement from the floor and moved it into the car. She could see that it was a wooden pole about two feet long and at each end, again attached by chrome links, were two more leather cuffs. These were much larger than the ones presently holding her hands behind her back. 

As she soon discovered they were intended for her thighs. He pulled her legs open and thrust the pole between them, holding her knees apart. First one then the other cuff was attached to her shapely thighs, just abover her knees. She could not move, except to shuffle down in the seat a little way. It was as if she was in a dream. She was viewing the scene with a real sense of detachment, as though she were looking down on this erotic tableau in the car. "Perfect!" he whispered then he grabbed her hair as he had done in her car the previous night and again he kissed her. This time she responded, her lips open, her tongue searching his, lips mashed together hard. His hand again sort inside her blouse, ripping it out of the waistband of her skirt, then as suddenly as he started he stopped. "Perfect!" he whispered again and her breath was coming in short sharp surges. He pulled her seat belt on, slammed the door shut and hurried round to the driver’s side. Climbing in, he started the engine and drove away from the car park.

As they drove Nadia immediately became conscious of her position. Spread open, panties on show, hands pinned behind her back. As they pulled up to a red light she was mortified.

"Alex!" she pleaded. 

"We aren’t in work now." She didn’t understand at first. Then the light came on.

"Sir! They can see me!" she couldn’t stand it. Another car had pulled alongside the stop light and two guys were looking over with raised eyebrows.

"Ah yes Miss Richards. They can see you. But I have you. He reached out with his right hand and shoved it into the front of her panties. The angle wasn’t ideal but it was enough for him to grab the base of the dildo still shoved inside her and to push it in deeper. As she cried out at the delicious intrusion the men in the car next to her gaped in wide-eyed wonder. They could see his hand from their raised position relative to the low slung Mercedes and watched as he pushed against her mound. "Smile at the nice men Miss Richards," he ordered.

"Noooo," she cried, her body convulsing as he pushed the dildo deep and hard into her over and over.

"I won’t ask you again Miss Richards," his voice was level and calm. She hesitated and he grasped the outside of her pussy lip between his thumb and two fingers applying more and more pressure. Harder and harder he grasped her and she screamed out in pain. She turned towards the men slowly and smiled as best she could. The driver of the car looked a little concerned and he wound his window down. Alex smiled and pressed the button for Nadia’s window to wind down too. 

"Is everything OK miss?" shouted the man from the car next to them. 

Alex was stroking her cunt lips gently now and she was in heaven. She turned to the man in the car and addressed him.

"You filthy fucking pig! Do you get your kicks driving round trying to catch a glimpse of some hot piece of ass? Are you getting off watching my Master as he finger fucks my hot hungry cunt? I bet you’d like to get your hands on this hot little cunt wouldn’t you, you dirty fucking pervert? Well fuck you! And your faggot friend!"

With this final retort, Alex wound the window up shaking his head in mock disapproval. Nadia looked at him smiling, knowing she had pleased her Master and as Alex looked past her at the men he sped off as the lights turned green, leaving the two men open mouthed, and disgruntled drivers behind them sounding angry horns.

"Where are we going Master?" asked Nadia, happier than she could remember being.

"Home" he replied.

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